Blogspot HTTPS extended

Google's turned on HTTPS for all Blogspot domains.

Mountain View announced the extra padlocks on the Chocolate Factory gates here.

HTTPS was previously available, but blog owners had to enable it in their settings; now, all Blogspot domains have an HTTPS version (in addition to the HTTP version, if the blog owner never got around to turning HTTPS on when it first became available).

There's an HTTPS redirect tool, so if you run an HTTPS-only Blogspot, users hitting it as HTTP will automatically land at the encrypted version.

Without the redirect, if a user lands on an HTTP version of a blog they'll get the unsecured content.

As always, there's a chance that mixed content blogs will be broken by HTTPS, but Google promises it's fixing those errors that are under its control. Posts that break the mixed content rules will be highlighted by a warning tool and automatic fixes before saving. ®

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