Vid: Snowden flick trailer

The trailer for Snowden – Oliver Stone's movie about NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden – has been put on YouTube for everyone to take a look. And it looks ridiculous.

The action flick seems to be aimed at people with an attention span short enough to find a Fast and Furious episode a marathon, and nowhere near long enough to get through Citizen Four, the documentary about Snowden using actual footage of Snowden while he was fleeing the US government to Hong Kong and Russia.

The point of Citizen Four was to highlight the level of global surveillance carried out by the NSA and GCHQ. For Snowden, Stone – known for directing Platoon, Wall Street and others – has decided to focus on the ex-intelligence worker himself, his girlfriend, Minority Report-style graphics, and a big lump of Hollywood custard.

Oh yeah, it stars Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Snowden, Shailene Woodley as his love interest Lindsay Mills, plus Nicolas Cage. Nicolas Cage. And Zachary Quinto playing Glenn Greenwald. This $50m-budget movie is due out by the end of the year. ®

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