Here, let me FXT that for you: Avere's baby NAS gear gets an upgrade

Entry-level accelerator in performance boost, packed in smaller box

NAS accelerator and cloud storage gateway shop Avere has finished rolling out its FXT 5000 series refresh: its entry-level 3200 has been upgraded to the 5200 with boosted performance and capacity.

Back in January the FXT 5600 and 5400 replaced the 4850 and 3850, but left the FXT 3200 untouched.

These systems can accelerate access to on-premises NAS files or to storage in the cloud, and can also function as remote office front-ends accelerating access to central storage repositories.

Now the baby 3200 box gets the 5000 refresh treatment, with both core count and NVRAM doubling, plus a 50 per cent disk and DRAM capacity increase.

Here’s a table showing the FXT 5000 range with the now-replaced 3200’s numbers against a green background:


The box itself has halved in physical size: it now takes up only 1U of rack space instead of the 2U it needed before. Pricing for the FXT 5200 model starts at $75,500. ®

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