If only hackers could stop slurping test and dev databases. Wait, our phone is ringing ...

Delphix thinks it has a solution

Exposure and loss of sensitive data is happening everywhere these days. One attack surface, as the jargon has it, is sensitive production data used in internal testing and development systems.

Delphix reckons it can secure this surface, and in the process remove time-consuming layers of security-checking bureaucracy that slows developers down.

The Delphix structured data virtualization product reduces and controls the number of copies of structured data, such as databases, by making a "golden copy" and virtualizing it for test and dev and other uses. This combats uncontrolled copying, we're told.

It's easier to make copies and it provides up-to-date data. Test and dev cycles can execute more quickly, speeding application development time – tenfold, in one cited case.

There is a new version of Delphix software, v5.0, and it has three main additions:

  • Selective Data Distribution data masking facility – delivers masked data into non-production environments.
  • IBM DB2 support on Red Hat Enterprise Linux and AIX.
  • Expanded Oracle E-Business Suite support.

Delphix says enterprises struggle to secure sensitive data in non-production environments; possibly up to 90 per cent of the surface data area at risk of data breach, it claims. With v5.0, customers can mask sensitive data in a production zone, then replicate it directly to all non-production target environments.

This is based on Delphix's acquisition of Axis Technology Software and its technology last year.

The DB2 and expanded Oracle E-Business Suite support are sure to be welcomed by Delphix's customers, who probably will always want more database technology and products supported.

Delphix 5.0 is available today from Delphix and its global network of business partners. ®

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