X-IO whacks up its ISE disk capacity by 50 per cent

X-IO has unveiled higher capacity scale-out modular ISE drive arrays, which have 50 per cent more disk storage than their predecessors.

The hybrid flash/disk 700 series sees the 755 (43.2TB disk; 3TB flash) slotting in above the current 750 (28.8TB disk; 1.6TB flash), and the new range-topping 790 (43.2TB disk; 6.4TB flash) adds more disk capacity than the current 780 (28.8TB disk; 6.4TB flash).

In the disk-only 200 series, a new high-end 250 has 57.6TB of capacity, leaving the previous high-end 38.4TB ISE 240 as a mid-range product.

The disk-only archiving product, the ISE 110 with 38.4TB, gets a big brother, the 120 with 57.6TB.

X-IO promises its ISE all-flash 800 series products can achieve 200,000 transactions per second, with less than 1ms of latency, across all of the capacity, guaranteed. If the guaranteed performance or latency levels are not met, X-IO will provide additional hardware at no additional cost to meet the guarantee. This offer stands for 90 days from ISE 800 purchase date.

Check out X-IO’s ISE web page here. ®

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