EE most 'reliable' mobile provider for cities – Ofcom

Also releases postcode-checker for folk to confirm coverage crapness

Communications regulator Ofcom has named EE the mobile provider with the fastest speeds in four major cities, according to research published today.

EE came out on top in all five categories: download speeds, web-browsing speeds, upload speeds, video streaming and even - gasp - telephone calls in Cardiff, Edinburgh, Liverpool, London and Norwich.

The regulator named O2 as having the slowest upload, download and web-browsing speeds.

EE achieved the fastest download speeds (20 Mbps) on a 4G tariff, followed by Three (15Mbps), Vodafone (12Mbps) and O2 (10Mbps).

However, Dan Howdle, telecoms expert at mobile, broadband and TV advice site, said the results ought to be taken with a pinch of salt.

“While it's no secret that EE presides over the UK's most expansive 4G network, it doesn't follow that its 4G service will be better for everyone, everywhere," he said.

He added: "And there are other factors to consider. Yesterday, Ofcom's quarterly complaints report named Vodafone the most complained about UK network provider. An extra megabit here and there pales to insignificance next to a strong signal, good value for money, flexibility of data usage (tethering) and, of course, great customer service."

Ofcom separately published its Mobile and Broadband Checker tool today, which allows users to check coverage, availability and speeds data in their area by entering a postcode.

It appears to have been a busy week for the regulator as the financial year ends. Yesterday it also published its business strategy for 2016/17, which laid plans for the Openreach/BT separation. ®

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