Pothole campaigner sprays Surrey street with phallic paintings

Council refuses to deliver relief for rudest street in Britain

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A tarmac vigilante with a tin of spray paint has attempted to shame a local council into filling-in potholes in Cock Lane, Fetcham, England, by daubing penises the length of the thoroughfare.

The irate road campaigner has been dubbed the Cock Lane Crusader, after spraying their penis images around the Surrey street’s notorious potholes for the second time in six months.

The crusader first struck back in September, when The Surrey Advertiser reported that local commuters had been forced out of their cars by the pothole pornographs.

Resident Polly Birkbeck told the paper, “I said to my daughter 'hang on a minute, someone's drawn willies on the road'...There are about 15 of them, I stopped the car and counted.”

She added, "They're on all the bad bits of the road, it's a sort of protest by someone with a smutty sense of humour.”

Fellow resident Ian Routledge added that locals had been demanding the council do something about the state of the roads for years. Alas, he continued, “We just get fobbed off all the time."

And this week, the local council once again refused to be browbeaten by the penis-touting campaigner into giving Cock Lane any special treatment.

A spokesman for Surrey County Council told The Surrey Advertiser that "A full resurfacing of Cock Lane is due to take place this spring as part of our £100m Operation Horizon scheme which is overhauling hundreds of miles of Surrey's roads most in need of repair."

This week's visual assault comes just months after the cutthrough was dubbed the "Rudest Street in Britain" after a semi at 69 Cock Lane was put up for sale. ®

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