Speaking in Tech: Did the FBI not ask the NSA to take a crack at breaking iOS?

Hey dude, you didn't get the SpaceX invite?

Airship over NSA datacenter


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Hosted by Greg Knieriemen, Ed Saipetch and Sarah Vela. This week, Greg is out while Sarah and Eddie drive the car talking Uber, Apple and data centre pay. Our special guest is Vaughn Stewart of Pure Storage.

The details:

  • (1:00) Ed does Southern Europe
  • (4:10) Coming up: NASA SpaceX launch
  • (7:22) Uber snags Carnegie Mellon
  • (9:17) Apple goes small
  • (14:06) FBI now thinks it can break the iPhone
  • (17:10) Survey: Data centre women get paid MORE
  • (21:53) FLASHBACK: Apple Iic commercial from 1984 – YOU CAN EVEN ADD... A MOUSE!
  • (22:23) Pure Vaughn comes back!
  • (24:26) Hyperconverged: Up, down and sideways
  • (28:35) Pure NAS
  • (33:36) Enabling the future of the enterprise
  • (38:50) HCI market adoption
  • (41:46) No Vaughn’s Army
  • (45:25) OpenStack Summit around the corner
  • (47:20) Social Vaughn

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Speaking in Tech: Episode

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