Google debuts Node.js beta on its App Engine

Google announces partnership with NodeSource

In Brief Google has added support for Node.js on its marmitey App Engine on a managed VM beta basis.

JavaScript devs have been offered the chance to use the Chocolate Factory's cloud service to tend to their web and mobile apps.

The far-from-universally adored App Engine intends to offer an easy service for developers to "build, deploy, manage and automatically scale services" on Wonka's infrastructure.

At the early stages of development, server access is being extended to Express, Hapi, Parse-server, "or any other web server" for enthused onlookers, while data may be stored on MongoDB, Redis, or the Choccy Faccy's own cloud datastore.

Google said: "The runtime is flexible enough to manage most applications and services — but if you want more control over the underlying infrastructure, you can easily migrate to Google Container Engine or Google Compute Engine for full flexibility and control."

Google has also announced its partnership with NodeSource, an enterprise-grade JavaScript flogger. Its service, N|Solid, aims to extend Node.js capabilities to increase "developer productivity, protection of critical applications and peak application performance".

The Chocolate Factory said it "make[s] a great match for running enterprise Node.js applications". ®

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