Druva boxes clever

inSync cloudily protects Box, Google Work and Office 365

Druva has extended its base in end-point data protection to cover cloud apps Box, Google Work and Office 365.

If you're working on your mobile smart device and desktop, Druva's inSync product will protect your data on that device. Now, if you are using Box, Google Work (Google Drive, Google Docs and Gmail) or Exchange Online in Office 365, inSync will protect that cloud-resident data as well.

The updated inSync also provides audit and compliance support, and it's managed through a single platform.

Druva says inSync aggregates end-user data, whether it resides on a laptop, mobile device or in cloud applications, so that enterprises have better visibility and control of their data. It's a way of countering mini-data silos and combining them.

The EU's new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and Privacy Shield require visibility of what data you have for legal and compliance requirements. InSync can help with that.

Druva quotes Jeffrey Mann, a Gartner Research VP, who says: "The long-expected surge in adoption of cloud office systems has been underway since mid-2014. Very soon, the question facing enterprise collaboration and communications leaders will not be whether to move these workloads to the cloud, but how painful will it be to remain on-premises?"

Druva CEO and cofounder Jaspreet Singh told The Reg that inSync will be developed to support the SalesForce cloud next, and it could be ready early next quarter. He thinks SalesForce users have data protection issues at the moment.

Druva inSync for Box and Office 365, including OneDrive and Exchange Online, are available today. Google Apps is in limited availability, with general availability next month. Cloud Application support is part of the Druva inSync Elite and Elite Plus subscription plans for an additional charge. ®

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