Power outage in Sheffield kills e-commerce at Insight UK

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Insight Enterprise's UK website has been out of action for almost the entire day following an external power outage in Sheffield that took down its data centre in the same locale.

The problems began just after 3.00am today, and El Chan understands that when the electricity returned, a surge killed the power protectors and took systems down again.

"Insight was impacted this morning by an external power outage which unfortunately affected our website and channels of communication, including email," said a spokesman.

"We have been in contact with our clients by phone and now all systems including the website are up and running again," he added.

Insight clearly wasn't able to tell all of its customers, because A) there are too many and B) some contacted us to complain about the lack of site availability.

Those trying to log onto the portal were told the site was being upgraded and "temporarily taken off-line" as a result.

Insight leapt onto Twitter to confirm the problem and trumpeted normal service had resumed at around 4.15pm.

"Thank you for patience and understanding today, it's really appreciated," the company tweeted. ®

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