Oops! Microsoft says its 'Bitcoin ban' was a bug, not a feature

Some twit put the wrong thing on the web and - silly us! - we took it at face value

Yesterday, we reported that Microsoft had stopped accepting Bitcoin in its digital tat bazaars.

Today it seems like Microsoft's left hand has no idea there's even a right hand over there on the other arm, because the company's been clearing things up by saying yes, it does still accept Bitcoin. And in fact never stopped accepting Bitcoin. And was always at war with Linux Eastasia.

The page titled “Microsoft Store doesn't accept Bitcoin” – which Archive.org has thoughtfully preserved here, is now but a 404.

But there are other Redmondian web utterances that confirm it does accept Bitcoin. Like this one!

Microsoft's said that the page it had up yesterday was posted in error. We presume whoever made that error has been made to mop up some leftover puddles of Steve Ballmer's sweat. How else to make up for the merest suggestion that Satya Nadella's Microsoft is not totally down with the cool cryptocurrency kids.

The wider Bitcoin community might have even nastier punishments in mind, as Microsoft binning Bitcoin represented a rather strong vote of no confidence in the virtual currency. Bitcoinistas can now, happily, rest easy knowing that the Windows Phone users - 2.2 per cent of the mobile market - can shop in their preferred cryptocurrency should they ever find an app worth buying in the Windows Store. ®

Microsoft really did stop accepting bitcoin this one time

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