HPE unleashes Machine Learning-as-a-service on Microsoft Azure

A nice and cold pint of machine learning for a warm winter's day

Hewlett Packard Enterprise is now flogging more than 60 machine learning APIs and services on a new cloud-based big data platform.

Intended to extend big data tools to developers, the Haven OnDemand platform was beta released in 2014.

HPE has today opened it up for general commercial use, offering data-wealthy wannabes the chance to join its 12,750 registered developers “who currently generate millions of API calls per week”.

Delivered on the back of Microsoft Azure, Haven OnDemand aims to offer deep learning analytics on a wide range of structured and unstructured data, including “test, audio, image, social, web and video.”

Expecting a “new era of breakthroughs, driven by machine learning” HPE's senior veep of big data, Colin Mahony, said his offering would democratise big data – literally, that's what he said – by bringing the tools of “high-end, highly trained data scientists, to the mainstream developer community.”

According to Fernando Lucini, another veep of big data at HPE, the service "can crawl, index and analyze data from file systems and the web. It can analyze and extract insights from text, audio, video, and image files, detect faces or fraud, and be used to build predictive models and recommendation engines."

The move comes on the back of a bit of cuddling that HPE and Microsoft announced last year.

The union spawned a mutual benefit in Azure becoming the "preferred public cloud partner" of HPE, which in turn becomes the primary supplier of infrastructure and services for Microsoft's hybrid cloud. ®

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