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Free webinar series from the folks at Sophos

Promo Registration is open for Security SOS Week, a short series of live webinars each featuring Sophos expert IT security practitioners. The events range from protecting your business against social engineering to embracing the Internet of Things without letting crooks into your network. You can find out more and sign-up at Security SOS Week, but in the meantime here is a handy synopsis for you.

The 30-minute webinars kick off each day from 14 March 2016 to 18 March 2016 at 2pm to 2.30pm UK time. (14:00-14:30 UTC.) Naked Security writer Paul Ducklin hosts each event and his brief is to interview Sophos experts to help you cut through the jargon and understand the big issues in computer security today.

Each webinar consists of 20 minutes of live interview, followed by 10 minutes of Q&A. Paul promises: “No sales pitches, no product demos, no PowerPoint slide decks - just informed answers to tricky problems.” Check out the running order below:

Social Engineering – when charming crooks talk to helpful users

Monday 14 March 14:00 GMT Sophos Global Security IT Manager Ross McKerchar takes you into the murky world of targeted attacks and shows how to build defences that will prevent one well-meaning employee from giving away the keys to the castle.

Can you strengthen security by weakening it?

Tuesday 15 March 14:00 GMT Some regulators want stronger security for the data you hold while others want to deliberately exploit "backdoors" in case they need to access your data in an investigation. What to do? John Shaw, Sophos Vice President, Product Management, discusses.

Malvertising: When trusted websites go rogue

Wednesday 16 March 14:00 GMT Crooks don't need to hack into a mainstream website to infect it with malware. They can get away with hacking just one ad served up by one ad network. This is "Malvertising", and John Shier. Sophos IT Security Specialist, explains how it works, why crooks love it, and what we can do to stamp it out.

Inside a hacker's toolkit

Thursday 17 March 14:00 GMT Join SophosLabs Principal Researcher Fraser Howard for an insight into what cybercrime tools the hackers have up their sleeves, how they work together, and what we can do to get the better of them.

What's next for the Internet of Things?

Friday 18 March 14:00 GMT Chet Wisniewski, Sophos Senior Security Advisor, tells you how you can dip your toes in the IoT water without plunging straight into trouble - as well as explaining how you can help us make the next generation of "things" secure by design.

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