Cloudbees draws up qualification plan for worker bees

Jenkins, bring me some qualifications. Now

Continuous delivery outfit Cloudbees is to join the certification game before the summer, debuting an accreditation scheme for its Jenkins-based platform.

The vendor has a busy few months ahead, with the launch of its private cloud service, and preparation for version 2.0 of Jenkins sometime in Q2.

When asked by the Reg recently how potential employers were able to distinguish between potential employees who claim to have experience with comparatively new products, CEO Sacha Labourey told us: “We are working on that – we’re pretty advanced. We’re going to be formally announcing [a certification program] in next few months.”

Labourey said Cloudbees would be partnering with an established training and certification outfit for the program, though he declined to say who just yet.

“We created the questions, we created all of the machine, but when it comes to the certification itself, we’re going to do it in a professional manner with a third party, one of those very few companies that have a lot of offices around the world and where people can go to be certified independently.”

Cloudbees is not alone in piling into the certification game, as the companies surfing the CD and devops wave begin to emulate their more established rivals. At the same time, companies being asked to pony more cash for people with specific tech skills can only be expected to demand candidates can actually demonstrate them. Or at least produce a piece of paper saying they can.

Ansible revealed the other week that it would be rolling out a scheme with its new parent Red Hat. Puppet Labs, arguably a much older player in the DevOps/automation space, has been offering a certification program for years. ®

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