HyperFlex hyper boxes – the channel speaks

Crawl, walk and then run ... starting with low-hanging fruit

Cisco Partner Summit Talking to channel sources about Cisco's HyperFlex HCIA, we understand that the four and eight‑node HyperFlex rigs are based on Cisco's UCS C220/C240 chassis, with fabric interconnects included.

Apparently, HyperFlex has been scaled out to 64 nodes in testing. Cisco will be leisurely in releasing HyperFlex with node counts greater than eight, though, as it has a crawl, walk, then run strategy.

In this HyperFlex crawl period, Cisco is going after so-called low-hanging fruit applications, such as development and testing systems, and virtual desktop infrastructure. Fruit harder to pick because it's higher up the tree will be pursued later.

There are no rich data services available yet, but these are expected.

Cisco won't open the storage layer to external compute, as SimpliVity does currently, either.

Some of the company's channel players still have burn marks from the Invicta all-flash array debacle. We're told that some of the rank-and-file Cisco data center group (DCG) bods are unhappy being involved in installing HyperFlex systems. Partners will do the installations once they are enabled but, for now, Professional Services do it for free.

Sales folks involved with the prior Invicta all-flash arrays will cover front line HyperFlex sales and then the DCG teams will get involved once up to speed. Some say they will be pleased to have a meaty product to sell, as life has been a little flat following the Invicta product withdrawal. ®

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