Let's talk over Wi-Fi, says Oracle to folks who don't know Skype exists

Big Red's Barcelona broadsides aimed at carriers with congested cores

MWC16 Oracle's parked its yacht near Barcelona and fired off the usual broadsides of product announcements that accompanies a major conference like Mobile World Congress.

Mobile operators in need of a Wi-Fi gateway can throw their hats into the air with the launch of the Oracle Communications Mobile Security Gateway.

The gateway's big sell is Wi-Fi data offload and Wi-Fi calling, so there's less risk a carrier might lose customers to Skype and someone else's Wi-Fi, just because they find the 3G or 4G network congested.

As Big Red's canned statement notes, “customers have other options from over-the-top and competitive service providers”, which is why they love owning the Wi-Fi network as well.

Over in the cloud, Oracle offers an early breakaway in the “worst jargon of 2016” derby, telling us that LTE and voice-over-Wi-Fi* mean carriers need to “address their customers’ digital lifestyle expectations”.

(*VoWiFi: an acronym for “making sure users don't realise Skype lets them make free calls”, also known as “starting your race when everyone else is on the third lap” – The Register.)

Its Oracle Communications Network Service Orchestration Solution apparently lets carriers deploy new services faster than they can pronounce the product name.

The orchestrator has OpenDaylight controller integration, a virtual network function (VNF) manager that supports both Oracle and third-party functions, and support for virtualised operations like voice-over-LTE and VoWiFi.

For enterprise customers trying to pipe up their storage networking, there's a new InfiniBand Fabric coming in Q2 2016 that offers 100 Gbps performance, with support for native InfiniBand, virtualised Ethernet, and Fibre Channel communications.

The Oracle Enhanced Data Rate (EDR) InifiniBand fabric includes virtualised firewall, load balancer, IP router, VPN and Network Address Translation (NAT), and multi-tenant isolation with secure endpoint authentication. ®

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