Continuous Lifecycle Early Bird: Less than seven days left

Act now to claw back £££

Google map showing Continuous Lifecycle Location

There’s less than a week left to snag early bird tickets for Continuous Lifecycle, which will save you hundreds on three days of the best in Continuous Delivery, DevOps, Containerization and Agile.

We’ve added more speakers to lineup, and another workshop, so there’s even more reason to join us in London from May 3 to 5.

Just to remind you, there’s almost 40 conference sessions, ranging from the theoretical to the deeply practical, whether you’re coming from the ops side of the house or the dev side. And that includes keynote sessions from Continuous Delivery guru Jez Humble, and Etsy DevOps supremo Katherine Daniels.

There will be plenty of open source material, but we know that lots of you are working in more traditional set-ups, so if WinOps means anything to, or you're wondering how to apply CD to databases, you’ll be well catered for.

And on Day 3, we’ll have all-day workshops ranging from how to start your DevOps and Continuous Delivery journeys through to deep dive sessions on containerization and microservices.

The early bird offer on both the conference and workshops expires on February 29, so you have less than seven days before tickets bounce up to the full rate. So, if you want to get your fill of DevOps and CD education, and have enough left over to buy more than a few T-shirts, you should get clicking now.

You can check out the full list of sessions and workshops, and buy tickets at that early bird price right here. ®

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