D&D geeks were right – their old rule books ARE worth something now

But only $50, after you cast Spell of Unbinding and place pages upon Glass of Scanning

The owner of venerable role-playing game Dungeons & Dragons (D&D) is offering US$50 for high-quality scans of game documents that have so far rolled saving throws against Spells of Digitisation.

D&D re-launched in 2014 as version 5.0, but there's still lots of demand for older modules and books. Hence the scanning program initiated by fan site DriveThruRPG, with the blessings of the game's owner Wizards of the Coast.

To score the $50 you'll need to have material on this list and be willing to conduct scans after “cutting the spine off the book and by using a sheet-fed scanner for interiors and a flatbed scanner for covers.”

Which will probably destroy the book. But in so doing, you'll be immortalising the material so it can be resold on DriveThruRPG. Which will presumably make rather more than $50 from your efforts over time.

Sorry about that outburst. We wandered into a Cone of Churlishness. What we meant to say was “the small recompense for your efforts will mean classic games live on forever, to enchant new generations of gamers.”

If that sounds like you, details of the program can be had here. ®

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