El Reg blows chow down at Justretch.com

The nauseating alternative to Pilates


While checking out some exercise options in inner London, as you do, we stumbled across a class devoted to resistance stretching, and whatever on God's green earth that is, its website URL suggests you'd be well advised to have a bucket handy.

Welcome indeed to Justretch.com or "just retch.com", as our auto-correct insists on filing for us. Who can argue with machine intelligence or indeed an invitation to regurgitate the contents of one’s stomach. There's a lovely logo too:

Maybe "ju stretching" really is a thing, or maybe the people behind Just Stretch are a little mischievous. Or naive.

As URLs go, Just Retch - there goes the auto-correct again - perhaps doesn't match the most famous URLs mishaps - and who indeed can forget penisland.net, hollandshitfestival, whorepresents.com, therapistfinder.com and our fave, expertsexchange.com - but it is nice to see some Web 1.0-style URL tomfoolery, a reminder to us all of a kinder, gentler time. ®

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