Samsung S7 tease suggests phone likes it hot and wet

Indonesian vid shows shiny, waterproof and wireless device, just like the S6 and S5

Samsung Indonesia has posted a YouTube video depicting “The Next Galaxy”, presumably the S7.

The video is on a ”launchpack” site that mentions what most people already knew: Samsung will take the wraps off the new device at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona next week.

The video's below, but we imagine it might go away once the Samsung mothership reads stories like this. So we took some screenshots of the video just in case Samsung Indonesia gets a slap from upstairs.

Our first pic comes from early in the video when the star of the show, an Olympic archer, reaches out to grab the phone. The shot of the probably-S7 shows it has a curved Edge and the ability to use a wireless charger.

Just like the S6 had last year.

Possible Samsung Galaxy S7

Here's another with the probably-S7 sharing monitoring the archer's exercise. A few seconds earlier, the video shows her using a smartwatch. Let's join the dots and suggest the S7 can talk to smartwatches and help you measure your athletic endeavours.

Just like the S6 did last year.

Possible Samsung Galaxy S7 exercising

Before long archer arrives at a training facility and pulls out her bow. She concentrates fiercely even though it starts to rain. But the probably-S7 can handle that, working despite being spattered with hot tropical H2O.

Just like the S5 did, two years ago, before the S6 did away with the waterproof cover for the USB port.

Possible Samsung Galaxy S7 wet

So what's actually new? The colours: it looks like metallic silver and gold models are used in the video. Other than that it's all rather familiar as Samsung's been banging on about how great their phones are when exercising for ages.

Your correspondent's Bahasa (the dominant language of Indonesia) runs out on the first page of a restaurant menu, so perhaps the video reveals more than we can see. If your Bahasa's better than hours, feel free to get in touch with the details. ®

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