EMC's Chad Sakac once made a Gangnam Style parody music video

You have never seen – or heard – anything like this


Vid Storage dudes! Drop what you're doing and play this three-and-a-half minute video of Chad Sakac singing and dancing in front of a bunch of racks.

Gangnam-style, say hello to EMC-style.

We know you’re wondering about the lyrics; these are of a sophistication as to make you gasp:

Oppa EMC style

EMC style

They want the storage

That performs all day and night

Storage that can also limit data latency

Storage that gets extra hot, with a data rush

EMC arrays optimised with flash

I’m the data (YEAH!)

Data that spins inside you every day, that data (YEAH!)

Data that gets auto-tiered by policy…

At this point our Transcript-o-Matic person started weeping and had to take Valium to calm down.

This wondrous video was shown at a 2013 EMC sales kickoff meeting.

Lead singer-dancer Chad Sakac was subsequently appointed president of VCE, EMC’s converged platform division, thus confirming that a dog-and-pony show is no longer good enough to guarantee promotion inside EMC. You gotta have a song-and-dance act these days.

If (and when) Chad gets all serious at the VCE launch on Feb 16, remember this video. ®

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