Atlassian creates new Android, iOS development teams

What's 'app-ening at the developers' darling? 'We have no comms on that' say flaks

DevOps darling Atlassian has created new development teams for iOS and Android, and is seeking principal developers to lead both.

Job ads are appearing in the usual places, mentioning “a brand new, kick-arse team to start an iOS development practice” and a “a brand new, kick-arse team to start an Android development practice”, both in Sydney, Australia.

Atlassian's plan seems to be to start making and selling apps, as both gigs require someone with “at least four years experience ” on the respective platforms and a track record of having “... shipped at least three applications” to the App Store or Google play.

What might these devs be doing? Atlassian's HipChat already has apps, so perhaps this is an effort to revisit that code to make up ground in the company's pursuit of group messaging competitor Slack. Or perhaps the company has decided its time for native clients for its portfolio of apps. A scan of Google Play and the App Store yields lots of third party apps to connect to Atlassian products, but no apps from the company itself.

Or maybe there's something new in the works, a scenario that seems plausible given the company is now all cashed-up after its US$462m IPO.

The Register contacted Atlassian to seek information about the new teams, but has not secured a reply at the time of writing. ®

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