Cisco's purple princesses gush workplace joy

The company's stance on lavender locks? 'Just rock it!'

The faceless drones among you whose workplace misery is compounded by the need to adhere to a strict dress code are invited to gaze with envy upon this blog post revealing that Cisco is - in contrast to its reputation as "a boring, stodgy company" - actually a hotbed of individuality, personal freedom and radical hair colour.

That's according to Casie Shimansky, whose purple hair was inspired by Cisco lavender locks pioneer May Le - the woman who led the dyed barnet revolution.

Shimansky explains: "May Le had always wanted to dye her hair purple, but having just started a job at Cisco, she wondered if it was the right time. Was there something in the 'rule book' that would prevent it? Would it be accepted? Maybe it’s just too edgy, too much for a corporate tech company. 'Purple hair might be off the table,' she thought."

However, when asked about the position of purple hair with regard to the table, Le's manager said: "If you’re going to do it – just rock it!"

So she did, and once Le and Shimansky had taken the plunge, Carmen Collins followed suit with an "ombre look with bright pink tips".

Casie Shimansky, May Le and Carmen Collins

Rock that look: Casie Shimansky, May Le and Carmen Collins

Shimansky concluded: "I think it's safe to say that for May, Carmen, and myself – we're glad we chose Cisco. Where being fun, powerful, and professional – while expressing your individuality – is not just encouraged, but expected too."

Well, that's got us looking at Cisco in a whole new light, and no messing. We expect to report on Application Networking Services salesmen with Mohican hairdos and septum piercings in due course. ®

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