Facebook kills 'Parse' mobile dev platform

Which of the new Like buttons - angry, sad, wow, haha, yay, and love – articulates your reaction?

POLL Facebook has announced it will shutter Parse, the mobile app development tool it kicked off back in 2013 when it acquired a company of the same name.

Parse is billed as a tremendous way to build lovely, engaging, mobile apps.

Facebook says it's closing the service because “we need to focus our resources elsewhere.” Which sounds an awful lot like “this just wasn't taking off the way we wanted it to, so we're binning it.”

News of the closure comes as The Social NetworkTM revealed to Bloomberg that it will soon add six new emotional interactions other than “Like” to its site.

The six are angry, sad, wow, haha, yay, and love.

Why not try them out now in the poll below, to rate both the closure of Parse and the new emotions?

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Those who used Parse have a year before it croaks, during which time they may wish to use the database migration tool Facebook's whipped up to make the move easier. Parse has also been open-sourced and there's a migration guide for those of you who need to make the move. ®

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