Ansible says Galaxy app store revamp is really real

Beta label picked off and flicked in the bin

Star Wars rebel pilot

Ansible has peeled the beta label off its revamped Galaxy App store, after giving fans six weeks to play around with it.

Galaxy is the vendor’s hub for pre-packaged automation modules for its config platform. Ansible launched Galaxy 2.0 - the beta - in December, and opted to highlight tighter integration with Github and Travis CI.

Today, Ansible expanded on that to trumpet that GitHub “Organizations” now have a home in Galaxy 2.0 - or, put another way, you can import roles into an organisation. The vendor also promises “smart role imports” and simpler role management.

Ansible said it had almost ditched the alternate role name feature, but instead had kept it, AND allowed users to name their role whatever they like.

All this talk of roles and Galaxy could make you hungry, but will of course make perfect sense to anyone familiar with GitHub and Galaxy.

And because we all like to keep count of things, and GitHub starts can be accessed in Galaxy, while role downloads can be tracked. The latter “won’t be a perfect measurement,” said Ansible, “But should be a reasonable approximation.” At the same time, Galaxy ratings have been junked.

The full rundown is here. ®

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