US rapper slams Earth is Round conspiracy in Twitter marathon

Stage set for extra terrestrial faceoff with Prof Brian Cox?

A US rapper has embarked on a mammoth tweet fest to correct at least 500 years of misinformation that the world is not flat, slamming amateur and professional astronomers in the process.

BoB, also known as Bobby Ray Simmons Jr, has occasionally pontificated on matters astral in the past, but some time on January 24 kicked into full flat earth mode, with this question.

When someone suggested that if the Earth was flat, we’d have discovered the edge by now - what with aeroplanes and stuff - he quickly shot them down:

Further evidence of the conspiracy:

And of course:

Eight hours ago, despite interventions from enthusiastic amateurs, and Neil deGrasse Tyson, he was threatening to bust the whole thing wide open, "including the cloning centres". At time of writing, BoB was citing Genesis.

We could be cynical and suggest the whole things has something to do with BoB’s latest "project" hitting Soundcloud. But, as BoB himself points out:

Personally, we think Bob is showing worrying signs of being unstoppable here. If only there was some kind of hero who could step forward and combine dance music chops with an unassailable background in astrophysics... surely Brian Cox OBE can't still be filming for the BBC? ®

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