Speaking in Tech: The worst CEO of 2015? Have a listen

And who's psyched about the Verner/Werner/Vernar Herzog film?


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Hosted by Greg Knieriemen, Ed Saipetch and Sarah Vela. This week, Ed is missing so Amy Lewis jumps in to take his seat while we talk about documentaries, podcast pimps, dead phones and adult toys at Amazon.

And the details are as follows:

  • (1:00) Amy pinch hits for Ed
  • (2:00) Werner Herzog’s new documentary at Sundance
  • (4:29) Greg’s new project: EnterpriseTe.ch
  • (5:50) Pimp this podcast #pimpcast
  • (11:05) Dead LG G4
  • (15:10) Toddler podcast review
  • (15:48) Amazonian dildos
  • (20:37) The worst CEO list
  • (28:00) Big moves at VCE

Listen with the Reg player below, or download here.

Speaking in Tech: Episode 193

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