Avere replenishes FXT filer accelerator appliances

Faster, thinner, more flash, extra dash

Avere has replaced its high-end and mid-range FXT physical appliances – Edge filers – with a new FXT 5000 range, retaining the 3200 as its entry-level.

The 2U 4850 and 3850 get replaced by the 1U 5600 and 5400 with more CPU cores, SSD capacity, NVRAM and, with the 5600, more DRAM. The 5400 actually has less DRAM than the replaced models, as this speeds and feeds table shows:


The FXT 4850 and 3850 are replaced by the 5600 and 5400

The number of 10GbitE ports has doubled, while the number of 1GbitE ports has shrunk.

Avere claims that the FXT 5600 delivers 70 per cent more data throughput than previous FXT models for high-intensity use cases like rendering, genomic analysis and financial simulations, providing extreme performance scaling.

Jeff Tabor, Senior Director of Product Management and Marketing at Avere, said: "The FXT 5000 Series [delivers] more than three times the data throughput and four times the SSD capacity per unit of rack space," than before.


FXT 5000s

As before, they can front-end existing filers, HGST, IBM and SwiftStack object storage, and Amazon and Google cloud storage. Virtual Avere FXT appliances which run in the cloud are unchanged. No word on availability and pricing. ®

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