Anyone using M-DISC to archive snaps?

El Reg hack seeks storage solution for permanent relationship

Since I've been at El Reg since it was all fields round here, readers can imagine I've accumulated quite a photo/video/misc rubbish collection over the years, and the time has arrived to address the issue of a proper permanent archive.

My present system is as follows: photos and vid first land on the desktop PC, and are automatically backed up onto a NAS box, which also contains copies of other vital documents, such as audacious expenses claims and so forth. In addition, snaps are automatically uploaded into the cloud.

In a worst-case scenario, were the house to burn down, I'd at least have cloudy copies of my photos – assuming that service doesn't go titsup and delete the lot.

So, I really need to get absolutely all data of value onto some medium which can then be stored off-site for total peace of mind.

This would also address the issue of the NAS filled to the gunwales with files (especially video footage) which are no longer of immediate use but need to be preserved for posterity.

I've been having a shufti at M-DISC, and wonder if any of our reader experts have dabbled. If so, let me know what you think. Suggestions for alternative archiving solutions would also be welcomed. ®

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