New Year, new Git: Version control system updated this week

Careful of flakiness when perusing this box of delights


The Git community was obviously working hard over the festive break, and slipped out version 2.7.0 of the control system earlier this week.

The new version includes yet another array of updates and fixes, the full list of which you can peruse here.

Github highlighted more flexible naming for git bisect, the tool for working out how those pesky bugs slipped into your project. Rather than just good and bad, you can say old and new, or invent your own terms.

Github uses the examples “yummy” and “yucky” which perhaps says more about how its techies spent their festive break than anything else.

It also highlighted more uniform commands for listing references. You can catch up with Github’s full run through here.

Atlassian’s techies took a break from wallowing in their new found wealth to highlight changes to git worktree, speed improvements to git filter-branch, and improvements to git stash. Atlassian’s run through is here.

We note that performance improvements include “work around some test flakiness with p4d” and fixing “some racy client/server tests by treating SIGPIPE the same as a normal non-zero exit”. We should never lose focus on flakiness and raciness when it comes to version control. ®

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