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POLL The moment has arrived for you, our beloved readers, to name Hewlett Packard Enterprise's private London drinking club - a members-only establishment in the computer outfit's new HQ at 1 Aldermanbury Square.

Here's the building last month, before HPE moved in, and when we spotted a licence application taped to the facade indicating this unprepossessing building was about to become IT party central:

Sadly, access to the boozer is limited to "employees, officers, guests and persons attending bona fide private functions", but we generously decided to enlist your help in providing a name for the establishment.

As expected, there were plenty of suggestions, and we've whittled those down to a shortlist for final consideration. Our main criteria for selection were that the name be apposite and not too esoteric, ie, requiring explanation or specialised insight into HPE.

Thanks to everyone who participated, and when the final decision has been made, we'll present the result to HPE, so expect some entertaining photos of that ceremony. Onwards...

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