Hapless Virgin Media customers face ongoing email block woes

All because of that damn Google ditching Gmail support for ISPs

Value pack of two tins of Spam

Virgin Media has admitted its new spam filters are continuing to block the legitimate emails of various people and companies, and says it is working with individual businesses to unblock their comms.

The problem appears to be centred upon customers who hold legacy email accounts that moved over to Virgin. The Register first reported the issue back in October, but the problem has not been solved.

Customers have taken to the company's forum to log their complaints.

One customer recently wrote his company's email account has experienced blocking problems six times: "[I'm] really getting hacked off with this now. Had a Blueyonder account for 15 years with no trouble – VM migrate us to their new platform and then endless problems – not happy at all," he said.

The problem began in July when Virgin Media told subscribers that it would be shifting their emails over to an in-house system after Google confirmed that it was ditching Gmail support for ISPs.

A Virgin Media spokesman said: "Since Google removed its service for ISPs from the market we’ve moved to a different email platform, meaning some emails may have not been getting through. We are helping businesses who feel their emails have been wrongly blocked.” ®

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