Windows XP spotted on Royal Navy's spanking new aircraft carrier

Windows for Warships: Time for an upgrade, perhaps

Screengrab of a control room in new Royal Navy aircraft carrier. One of the screens sports unmistakable Windows XP desktop
Recognise the "fresh look" desktop on the left hand side?

The Royal Navy’s new aircraft carrier HMS Queen Elizabeth appears to be using Windows XP.

The ship is a year from completion, so there is plenty of time yet to bin it for a more up-to-date and secure version of the venerable operating system.

The Ministry of Defence is not returning our calls, but this could always be, as one reader says, “comedy wallpaper on a technician’s laptop...”

You can check out the BBC News report about the Queen Elizabeth here. The XP wallpaper makes its appearance at 1m 25s.

A hat tip to Reg readers Alec, James and James for the sighting. Keep those tips rolling in. ®


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