Oxford Uni opens infosec ivory tower in Melbourne

Colos with eight Victoria unis for awesome academic abode.

Bookshelf in the British Library basement

The State of Victoria is cementing its place as Australia's security hub with the launch of an Oxford University national infosec risk centre in Melbourne.

The Global Cyber Security Capacity Centre will perform "audits of national cyber security risks and capabilities" to help Australia plan investments and strategies.

It aims to work on the biggest and hardest security issues.

The office will be co-located with a centre bringing in security talent from eight Victorian universities making it something of an academic security think tank.

Local academics under the Oceania Cyber Security Centre will focus on education, research, and entrepreneurship.

The Australian state also signed a memorandum of understanding with the nation's lauded research house the CSIRO (Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation) that it would move its security headquarters to the city, currently best known for its coffee, culture and slavish devotion to odd forms of football.

It follows the planned opening of the nation's national broadband network computer operations centre in Melbourne with some 400 tech roles to be created.

Victorian small business minister Philip Dalidakis says the Oxford opening is a credit to the state's tech talent.

“Their decision to locate their first Global Cyber Security Capacity Centre international office in Melbourne is a huge vote of confidence for Victoria’s tech sector," Minister Dalidakis says.

“Cyber security is crucial to safeguarding our fast growing digital economy, it is now worth A$71 billion a year globally, and the Andrews Labor Government is working hard to keep Victoria at the forefront.”

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