Green rectangles are the new rounded rectangles

Hewlett Packard Enterprise's green box unleashes green monster at Korean portal with similar logo

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Logowatch South Korean web portal Naver is considering a legal tilt at Hewlett Packard Enterprise over just who first decided a green rectangle makes a good corporate insignia.

Yonhap reports that Naver has been using a green box since 2006 and reckons HP must have known about its logo.

HP's told the Korea Times it devised its own green box for the global market and doesn't think it has a problem because it's not in the portal business, in South Korea or elsewhere.

NAVER logo

NAVER's green box

HP's described its own new logo as " ...transformative, flexible and agile as we are becoming, while standing out from the pack."

HPE logo

Hewlett Packard Enterprise's green box

The almost-dispute recalls the protracted and mind-numbing row between Apple and Samsung over just who can lay claim to rounded corners on rectangular smartphones, an argument from which neither firm emerged with much credibility. Hewlett Packard Enterprise has that problem for different reasons: its results, broken out as part of HP's last ever integrated set of numbers, revealed dips in services, software and server revenues. Buying Aruba gave networking sales a kick in the right direction while the company's oceans of pink slips helped boost profitability. ®

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