IEEE hopes to standardise e-health communications

Ventures into the chaotic world of personal health apps

The IEEE has set to work on standardisation in the e-health device market, and to help the project, it's signed an agreement with medical research nonprofit the Regenstrief Institute.

The institute is home to a key standard medical dictionary, Logical Observation Identifiers Names and Codes (LOINC), which is used to exchange health information between different facilities.

The agreement between the IEEE and the Regenstrief Institute is designed to help developers who need to integrate LOINC with devices supporting the IEEE 11073 standards.

IEEE 11073, the standards organisation says, is designed to bring together personal health device information with more traditional medical devices. Giving it a standard dictionary as well as its data communication should make it easier for hospital and healthcare software engineers as well as device makers.

The organisation has also approved a new e-health standard, IEEE 2410-2015, the Biometrics Open Protocol Standard (BOPS).

BOPS, the group says, incorporates “identity assertion, role gathering, multi-level access control, assurance and auditing”, and is designed to standardise communications between clients (including smartphone apps), trusted BOPS servers, and the intrusion detection system protecting the server.

The IEEE's announcement is here. ®

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