HGST closing SSD plant in Malaysia – report

MOFCOM decision starts to have real world ramifications

Google Earth Street View picture go HGST's Penang plant

HGST is reportedly closing an SSD manufacturing and research and development plant in Penang. The plant currently employs 450 people.

Managerial staff are going to HGST subsidiaries in Singapore.

The move is part of Western Digital's integration of its acquired HGST subsidiary, which was agreed by MOFCOM, China's Ministry of Commerce, last month.

It's expected that overall integration efforts will affect corporate facilities, research and development, disk drive read/write heads, media and manufacturing.

HGST was contacted about the plant closure but hasn't responded. If it does we'll update this story.

It seems highly likely there are going to be headcount cuts as this takes place over the next 24 months. ®

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