He's a Seoul Man: Jeff Bezos' Amazon AWS in Korea-defining move

AWS promises new (South) Korean region for early 2016

Amazon Web Services (AWS) has announced it will create a (South) Korean region in 2016.

AWS blogger-in-chief Jeff Barr says local customers have been asking for a local presence, so the company will oblige “in early 2016.”

The company won't yet reveal which services and EC2 instance types it will bring to the new region, so we can't be sure the Glacier cold storage service will be available on the last front of the cold war. If the feature list is short, local users might think they've been Seouled a pup.

Nor can we offer a good guess about where AWS' servers will land: the company often lands in Equinix data centres when it expands, but the bit barn barons only have a sales presence in Korea and appears not to have revealed local construction plans. We therefore can't say if the company's Seouled out, or decided it will operate in the nation's capital.

On a more serious note, this is the second recent announcement of a new Asian AWS region after the July reveal of an Indian effort. The cloud colossus already has presences in East Asia (Tokyo/Beijing), Sydney and Singapore, in addition to its presences in the Americas and Europe. ®

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