RIPE rebrand whiffs slightly of joss-sticks

Net registry hums gentle whalesong , intersects with community

LOGOWATCH The magnificent era of corporate rebranding excess have long passed - heady days in which brainstorming strategy boutiques would crank the whalesong up to 11 and give forth on the empowering effects of emotionally compelling and strategically grounded brand frontage paradigms.

However, there are still a few joss-stick embers burning, keeping alight the spirit of synergistic dynamism. Enjoy if you will this fresh new look down at RIPE NCC:

The new RIPE logo

The blurb trumpets: "The logo represents our key values: transparency, inclusiveness and engagement. It also depicts the key pillars of our work: the registry, services and coordination, at the intersection of which is the community."

Lovely. RIPE (Réseaux IP Européens) NCC (Network Co-ordination Centre) is, as of course you all know, "the Regional Internet Registry for Europe, the Middle East and parts of Central Asia".

Here's the evolution of its logo over the years, and we have to say the new one's actually an improvement:

The evolution of the RIPE logo



Thanks to Bert Hubert for the tip-off.

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