Akamai buys out Scottish web security firm Bloxx

Unspecified cash deal to embiggen cloud security

Scottish websec firm Bloxx has been acquired by American giants Akamai in a cash deal, for an undisclosed amount, to shore up its cloud security services.

Bloxx, established in 1999, had 55 employees spread between its facilities in West Lothian and Massachusetts.

There has been no comment regarding restructuring at the moment, however The Register understands its headquarters in Scotland will be retained as "a key location", and in support of legacy business operations.

The CDN giant has stated that Bloxx's Secure Web Gateway (SWG) tech, which protects around 800m devices worldwide, will "complement [its] cloud security strategy for protecting businesses against Internet vulnerabilities."

The deal followed Akamai inking a deal with Microsoft in October to integrate its network into the Azure platform.

Akamai stated it planned to "extend its portfolio of cloud-based security services to focus on the enterprise [and] believes that Bloxx’s SWG technology will be instrumental to Akamai's goal of bringing this new suite of offerings to market in 2016." ®

Updated to add

Jeff Young, Akamai's communications veep, did not tell The Register whether Bloxx was set for an employee restructuring, but did announce that things were indeed set to change for Bloxx, as the company's plans did "not include continuing to offer an appliance."

"We will fully support their existing appliance product until the completion of all Bloxx customer contracts." said Young. "During this time, we’ll also help support customer migration to alternative partner solutions or to Akamai’s platform, where appropriate."

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