Cisco: The day of PCs is passing, cloud storage will dominate by 2019

16 million years worth of music streamed to your mobe annually

Those fumbling with PCs may want to think about updating their skills portfolio, according to a new Cisco forecast that predicts the majority of data will no longer be stored on client devices by 2019.

The rise of cloud traffic will be stopped by neither the collapse of Safe Harbor nor the election of CISA, suggested Cisco's new Global Cloud Index (GCI) forecast – though traditional data centers are very much a slowing business.

Global cloud traffic will almost triple in the near future, suggested the GCI report for 2014-2019, which reckons that while 73 per cent of data was stored on client PCs at the beginning of the period, the majority (51 per cent) of stored data will move to non-PC devices by 2019.

The rise of smartphones and tablets will mean that annual global data center traffic hits 10.4ZB by the end of 2019, the equivalent of 16 million years' worth of music streaming.

Despite the utopia which will be the year 2019, only 32 per cent of internet users will be IPv6-capable at that time. The American Registry for Internet Numbers (ARIN) ran out of IPv4 addresses this year.

Those working on the private cloud would also be wise to have a think about their career direction – where their work doesn't surround virtualization anyway, although that gap is set to narrow – with a mere 16 per cent of growth predicted there compared to a whopping 44 per cent compound annual growth in public cloud workloads.

Although virtualization will continue to dominate the private cloud world, businesses are expected to mellow in their prudish hesitation towards adopting public clouds for all but mission-critical workloads, at the same time as they grow prickly over the costs associated with dedicated IT resources.

Meanwhile machine-to-machine modules, alongside the "connection of people, processes, data, and things" which comprises the incomprehensible and inevitable tsunami of the Internet of Everything, could generate up to 507.5ZB annually by 2019.

"Most of the more than 500 zettabytes that will be generated by 2019 will be ephemeral in nature and will neither be saved nor stored," stated Cisco, with narry a tear shed for those dearly departed resources. ®

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