Online daters swindled out of £33m last year – police

That hot babe was only interested in your digits

Hot to Trot cartoon by Tim Cordell

Folk looking for love online were left £33m worse off last year thanks to online fraudsters, according to stats released by the City of London Police and Action Fraud.

In the last financial year 3,543 people reported that they had been a victim of dating fraud, with a total financial loss of £33,650,491.

"Dating fraudsters are often particularly convincing and if the person also thinks that they have already been vetted by the dating website, it makes it even easier for the fraudster to manipulate their victim," said the City of London Police.

The police's National Coordinator for Economic Crime, Commander Chris Greany, said: “There are a number of misconceptions around fraud and cyber crime which often leave people vulnerable.”

"This campaign will help to shatter these misconceptions and provide the public with a clearer picture, helping them to challenge possible urban myths and stop fraudsters in their tracks. The more information people have about the reality of fraud and cybercrime, the easier it will be to stop it from taking place.” ®

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