The iPhone 6 doused in bromine - an incendiary mix or not?

Gaze upon this extra hot aluminium action

TechRax torches an iPhone 6

Vid In case you've been wondering, like you do, just what happens if you pour bromine on an iPhone 6S, the Daily Telegraph reports on a vid which shows the Jesus mobe "bursting into flames" when doused in the malodorous element.

Don't Ever Pour Bromine on an iPhone 6S!

Well, we don't want to rain on this fiery spectacle, but it's pretty clear that most, if not all of the entertainment here is caused by the reaction between the bromine and the added aluminium foil, rather than the iPhone's anodised aluminium case.

As the chemists among you know, bromine and aluminium enjoy a explosive relationship, the offspring being aluminium bromide (for example, 2 Al + 3 Br2 → Al2Br6).

Reg reader Kavan, who tipped us off about the video, suggested we might like to repeat the experiment and test it for ourselves. We're more inclined to test what happens when you pour bromine on, say, a banana wrapped in aluminium foil.

We think we know the end result, and it would make for a great video. Sadly, while bananas are readily available locally, my pharmacist has just informed me he doesn't generally stock bromine. This could, of course, just be a polite way of saying "there is no way I am going to sell you bromine, young man."

By the way, speaking of bananas, we conducted a vital piece of fruity research this lunchtime, and in answer to the question "The banana: Will it blend?", we can confirm it will. ®

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