First evidence discovered by ISS 'naut. Read no further and PANIC

Childhood's End

The European Space Agency set eyes a-bulge on Tuesday when it distributed an email with the subject line: "Aliens observed".

Unfortunately, as the release explained, the subject was a little bit of piffle:

"French artist Invader is installing his iconic art at ESA establishments all over Europe and even on the International Space Station."

Apparently, the first space invader mosaic was "found" by Samantha Cristoforetti during her Futura mission on the International Space Station.

"Space2" as the piece was titled was subsequently installed in Europe's Columbus space laboratory, which was attached to the ISS in 2008.

The mosaics, part of the space agency's promotional campaign, are attributed to Invader. It stated:

"Mission control thinks Invader will organise more invasions and activate aliens at other ESA sites throughout the year." ®

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