Oracle swaps around its licence police bods' top ranks

UKII senior chief with solid compliance past takes reins

Oracle’s mighty software enforcement unit is now under new management in the UK, Israel and Ireland.

Caroline Crowe-Woolley has been appointed senior manager head of UKII region License Management Services (LMS), taking over from Mike Duncan. Duncan had occupied the LMS spot since January 2013.

Also gone is head of LMS UK strategic accounts Alan Reid, who left in July. Reid had occupied the spot for only a year, having taken over in June 2014. His position, which involved auditing of partners, is understood to have been folded into the main country function.

Duncan, Reid and Crowe-Woolley all hail from outside Oracle, but the latter has been with Oracle for longer and has been more involved in licensing and compliance.

Duncan joined from Fujitsu in 2009; Reid came from IBM in 2010; while Crowe-Woolley joined in 2006 from managed services and frameworks manager Parity Solutions.

Industry insiders who The Register spoke to and who wished to remain anonymous reckoned Crowe-Woolley has a deeper understanding of the nuance of Oracle software sales and knowledge of what customers are running.

Crowe-Woolley began her career at Oracle as a sales and partner readiness manger for Oracle license sales operations. A great deal of her time has been spent working on license reviews, audits and management, and resolving matters when customers are found not to be in compliance.

The changes atop LMS are likely to mean more due diligence on Oracle’s part when it comes to audits, meaning customers will be vetted more closely with an expectation that audits will turn up compliance issues and, therefore, extra money for Oracle.

The Reg asked Oracle to comment but the company did not return our emails. We approached Duncan and Reid, too, but they did not respond. ®

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