DSSD hires ex-Violin player as hardware engineering veep

Joins orchestra of flash rack musicians


EMC’s flash racking developer DSSD has hired an ex-Violin Memory guy to be its veep of hardware engineering, EMC has now confirmed to The Register.

The all-flash array startup has now hired Kevin Rowett, who was SVP of engineering and an advisor to Violin Memory from the beginning of 2010 to October 2013. He joined DSSD this month, September.

After Violin he was systems HW engineering director, and then VP for HW and manufacturing at Graphite Systems from March 2014 until August 2015.

Rowett ran his own consultancy on the side as well, Iron Heart Consulting.

DSSD is setting itself up for a triumphant product launch and has set its performance bar high; so high, in fact, that any undershoot will be quite, quite disappointing.

The two companies (DSSD and Violin) are similar in that both have rejected the SSD format for their flash memory modules. We suspect Pure Storage is now doing the same, and building its own flash modules, but we've not heard back from it, yet.®

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