Look over here! SAP unveils big data HANA update

Please buy our in-memory databases, says German ERP peddler

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Teutonic enterprise resource planning provider SAP has unveiled a cloudy HANA big data update, in an effort to drum up more interest in its in-memory databases.

The SAP HANA Vora product will apparently extend in-memory computing to distributed data, and allow companies to mash up their corporate and Hadoop data.

HANA Vora works within Apache Hadoop, an open source platform that lets companies make sense of big data sets.

Aziz Safa, vice president of Intel IT Enterprise Applications, said the product will allow Intel to better analyse big data, adding it has the capability for online analytical processing on large, rich data sets in-memory and stored in Hadoop.

"This will allow us to extract contextual information and then push those valuable insights back to our business," he added.

Interest in SAP's in-memory database is growing but has been slow to get off the ground.

Two thirds of the 120 organizations running SAP have rolled out HANA, or plan to deploy it, according to a survey by the UK and Ireland SAP User Group, which shared its figures with The Register.

The group said nearly one third of users have rolled out or plan to roll out HANA in the next three years. ®

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