Camera-carrying DOLPHIN SPY caught off Gaza

Claims weaponised mammal deployed to spy on Palestinian navy

Dolphins can remember each other's signature whistles after 20 years

Palestinian news outlet Nadae Al Watan reports that a spy dolphin was captured in the Mediterranean Sea off Gaza.

The publication says the creature was carrying a cameras and other surveillance equipment.

It's alleged the Dolphin is a weaponised aquatic mammal used by Israel to observe Palestinian Islamic resistance movement Hamas' naval commandos. The report mentions an attack by Hamas forces on Israeli territory at a spot called Zikim Beach, an event the Israel Defence Force says it thwarted. The tone of the Nadae Al Watan report, after some time in an online translate-o-tron, suggests that Hamas is undaunted and continues to develop its underwater military capabilities and that Israel's response is a dolphin corps.

Unpicking the truth of the matter is tricky as both parties are not averse to using propaganda. But, hey! Spy dolphins carrying cameras is a nice advance on sharks with lasers. ®

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