Brassiere belays boob-bound bullet, begetting bruised breastbone

Projectile intended for boar somehow downs cycling tourist

Traditional German hunting outfit

A German woman's brassiere may have saved her life by deflecting a bullet.

A woman was almost killed during a hunt in North Eastern Germany, when a hunter missed his target and the rebound hit the 41-year-told tourist.

The woman, who was cycling through Germany's least densely populated state of Mecklenberg-Western Pomerania, was saved by the wire lining of her bra, reported Germany's Gadebusch-Rehnaer Zeitung.

The couple had chosen to cycle across a field between the towns of Gadebusch and Köchelstor in Germany, when they unwittingly entered a conflict between man and beast.

Feeling a sudden pain in her chest, and glancing thither, she noted that she'd been struck by a rebounded shot and was saved only by the underwire of her brassiere, leaving her with but a bruise.

Spotting the alleged shooter in the adjacent field, her husband marched off to expostulate upon the safety of the hunt. Police spokesperson André Falke said: "Those in charge of the hunt then broke it up straight away."

The Gadebusch Criminal Commission is reportedly investigating the incident, suspecting injury caused by negligence. ®

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